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“…It’s so hi-tech and the future of landscaping”

When Gardenland told us about the Husqvarna Automower we told them that we wanted to install one on the Google campus right away. What’s not to like? It’s so hi-tech and the future of landscaping, we can run it at night and early morning because it’s so quiet, it’s so convenient to control with the Husqvarna app, and we get automatic alerts if it stops running when a Google engineer picks it up and starts messing with it.

The lawn is about one acre in size and because we no longer mow that lawn, we get to reallocate our labor to another campus making us more productive.

We’re still waiting for Google engineers to hack into the operating system and who knows what will happen then!

Elliot, Sr. Account Manager, Google
Husqvarna Automower 450x
Husqvarna Automower at Google

“….our lawn looks freshly cut every day and we appreciate the great customer service.”

Our new home has a very large backyard with a half-acre size lawn. With a hectic work and family schedule we don’t have time or want to maintain the yard, and we found it difficult to find a reliable gardener to maintain our yard, so we considered using a robotic mower.

I called the guys at Gardenland and they had a lot of experience installing Husqvarna Automowers and answered all my questions. After a site inspection and providing us with a written quote, then came out and installed the mower in a half-day. They used the power outlet from our pool house and ran a wire through a wall out to the charging base; the installation is clean and out-of-sight. They also took extra precaution to ensure that our kids would not trip over the mower wires while playing soccer on the lawn. And they made sure that we were comfortable programming the mower through the Husqvarna app on our iPhones. The whole installation was professionally done.

We only had one problem all year when we had the lawn aerated and some wires got punctured which disabled the Automower. But they came-out within 48 hours and fixed everything.

Our lawn looks freshly cut every day and we appreciate the great customer service.

Marco B, Homeowner
Husqvarna Automower 450x
Peter Michael Winery
Husqvarna Automower 450x
Husqvarna Automower 450x

…it is incredibly quiet and saves the usage of gas and noise created by gas powered lawn mowers.”

I am the Estate Manager for Peter Michael Winery, located on the face of Mount St. Helena in Sonoma County.  We are a producer of handcrafted artisanal wines for private members.  Our founder, Sir Peter Michael, is from England and first saw the Husqvarna Automower in use in the UK and suggested that we add one to maintain the multiple lawns on our winery estate.

Our private members are wine enthusiasts who visit from around the world and it is important to us to create a lasting impression while visiting our winery and appreciate the beauty of our landscape and facility.  We welcomed the opportunity to bring automation into our landscape maintenance with a clean zero-emission solution.

Thanks to a referral to Gardenland from a friend, we were able to schedule for a representative to come to our site and evaluate the best application for a Husqvarna Automower and demonstrate how it works.  We were very impressed by the knowledge of the representative and how the Automower worked and were immediately sold. 

We had Gardenland install a Husqvarna 450X Automower on our lawns on the property.  It is incredibly quiet and saves the usage of gas and noise created by gas powered lawn mowers.  Thank you Gardenland!

Herb W, Peter Michael Winery
Husqvarna Automower installed by Gardenland Power Equipment, Campbell, CA
Husqvarna Automower 450x

…it’s so quiet that we mow our lawn at night and our neighbors don’t hear a thing.”

My mother came to visit from Europe to help my family move into our new home and she took one look at our large backyard and said, “you need a robot mower!” She uses a Husqvarna Automower back home and I wanted our own to maintain our large 3/4 acre size lawn in our backyard. I knew we could save money using a robot mower and didn’t want to deal with unreliable gardeners.

But I was concerned that we didn’t have an electrical outlet next to the lawn and wasn’t sure if a robot mower could traverse across the hardscape and sidewalk to reach the lawn.

I called Gardenland and they came-out for a site inspection then came-up with a plan to use the power from our storage shed, route the charging wire underground to reach the charging base. Our Automower charging station is tucked-away next to our house, and the mower drives itself to the lawn and mows.

The installation went smoothly and the Automower is so quiet that we mow the lawn at night and our neighbors never hear it running.

We are so happy with their service!

Karolina T, Homeowner