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Let Your Lawn Mow Itself

Automate your lawn mowing task with a robotic mower to save time and money. Just set it and forget it, and let the self-charging mower maintain your lawn so you have more free time to do the things you want.

Gardenland Power Equipment is a leader in robotic lawn care and provides sales, installation and service solutions to both homeowner and commercial customers. Buy and install yourself, or choose an installation and service package if you need help. Request a Free Quote or give us a call at 408-377-4496.

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How Does a Robotic Lawn Mower Work?

A robotic lawn mower is a self-charging battery powered mower that will automatically mow and maintain your lawn. Think of a Roomba vacuum cleaner for your lawn. The robotic mower operates inside a perimeter boundary wire and around obstacles (trees, bushes, rocks, etc.) inside the lawn. The robotic mower maintains the lawn by mowing 3-4 times a week using small blades underneath the mower. They are easy to program and free-up your time to do other things.
Yes, the robotic mowers have sensors and bumpers built into their smart-systems and will stop and redirect itself when it bumps into an object. It will not run over toys left on the lawn, or any humans or animals.
Every lawn is different and the frequency of operation is dependent upon the type of grass, soil, amount of watering, amount of sun hitting the turf and weather conditions. But in general, a mower will mow about 3-4 times a week to maintain 1.25 acres of grass. Robotic mowers can be programmed to run at night or during the day when it will not disrupt the use of the lawn.
Yes, the robotic mowers can be programmed to run anytime and any day. Programming the mower can be done on the mower keypad, or with the smart phone app (SIM card must be present in mower).
If a Husqvarna Automower 450X mower is removed from your yard, it can be remotely disable making it unusable, and the GPS tracking can locate the mower. This functionality is available for the Husqvarna Automower 430X if the Connect SIM card is added./span>
A robotic mower can navigate in-between separate lawns; the Automower 450X can mow up to 3 lawns, and the 430X can mow up to two lawns. Some ground surfaces may prevent navigation between lawns so a site inspection is required to determine set-up and operation.
Yes, if you have flat stepping stones or flagstone steps that are level in height to your lawn. The mower cannot navigate over raised stepping stones or flagstone steps that are raised and sitting taller than the height of the lawn. Additional landscape services may be required to enable a robotic mower for use on uneven lawns and pavers.
The Husqvarna Automower 430X and 450X have a battery life of 7,000 charge cycles or about 5-7 years.
The Husqvarna Connect app (iPhone and Android) will sync with the 450X mower because it has the Husqvarna Connect SIM card built-in. The Husqvarna 430X mower will require an upgrade purchase of the Sim Card to utilize this feature.
There is 25MB/month data fee required to operate the Husqvarna Connect SIM Card with your smartphone. The approximate cost is $7/month but Husqvarna includes free service charges the first two years of your service. Customers using the Gardenland Robotic Mower Service do not pay any additional fees.

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Gardenland Power Equipment is the biggest landscape power equipment retailer in Northern California, and leading the adoption of innovative cordless powered landscape tools. We were one of the first dealers in the US to sell robotic lawn mowers and sell more battery powered landscape equipment than any other dealer in the US. We love robotic mowers so give us a call at 408-377-4496

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